The NSF-funded BALANCE project includes 3 sites – the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, the University of Maryland, and Georgia State University.

The primary goals of the project are to examine the reciprocal effects between parent work-family conflict and adolescent psychosocial functioning; and to examine whether adolescent-parent conflict mediates this relationship.

The BALANCE project includes a daily diary field study and a controlled laboratory study to address these goals. Data collection for the field study has just been completed. For the field study, 100 14-16 year-old adolescents and their parents completed a baseline survey and a daily survey for two weeks. Adolescents and parents reported on their perceptions of family conflict, their work day (parents only), and their psychological state/mood.

Data collection for the laboratory study is ongoing. The laboratory study includes 120 14-16 year-old adolescents and their parents. Each adolescent-parent dyad is randomly assigned to experience a parent-directed work stress condition, an adolescent-directed psychosocial stress condition, or no stress condition. Subsequently, observational assessments of adolescent-parent conflict, performance-based assessments of parental work, and adolescent psychosocial maladjustment, are conducted.

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